Our Story

Our story began in 1986 when we started as ICT contractors for US and EU corporates working under the name Ahsanullah Electronics Pvt Ltd. Our main clients included Union Texas, BP, Oxy, Lasmo Oil, ENI, OMV, British Gas, Maersk, Apple, Telenor, and recently China Economic Net, all one window 24/7 remote operations. In 2019 we started working under the name AndernBPO which is currently providing Back Office remote services to mid and large-sized US dealerships.


Shahid Ahsanullah

Planner Business Operations

Our pursuit of responsible business remains a key priority. This is an open-ended and lasting commitment. As a future-facing company we strive to adapt and continuously improve our performance since 1986 in accordance with expectations from the world around us and with the principles of QoS.

Embossed Paper

"I would like to take this opportunity to pass along the appreciation of Mr. Kennedy and myself for the fine efforts you and your people have contributed to getting the Houston circuit established and working. I know it was a monumental effort and want you to know your contribution was noticed and appreciated."

D.D. McAfee - Division Manager HR and Administration, Union Texas Petroleum