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Package details

Contacting leads
We respond to leads through inbound/outbound calls, texts, and emails by handling; vehicle inquiries, setting appointments (also confirming them), follow-up calls, doing appraisals, gathering customer credibility information for F&I.

Managing ad campaigns
We create and manage ad campaigns on your Google Adwords and Facebook Ad Manager, making sure to get the most out of your marketing budget while keeping you updated with important insight into every ad you run.


Promoting on social media
Making sure your social media accounts are active and generating leads effectively. We design professional posters, various kinds of ads, logos, and cover photos being posted on a regular basis. (this may include additional licensing charges for acquiring footage/images/audio.)

Documentation handling
From generating BOS on Frazer to registering vehicles on DMV, we do it all.

Listing vehicles online
Is listing vehicles on OVE and other auctions sites a pain stacking job? We make your job easier by listing each vehicle in a proper manner and much efficiently while also helping you send your inventory feed to websites like eBay, Facebook marketplace, Offerup, Craigslist, and   Autotrader.

Improving vehicle rankings
We improve your inventory ranking on websites like Cargurus and Carfax, by making sure all the right information is added to the vehicle listing.

Inventory sales analytics
Based on the sales data you provide us, we sort and identify what’s trending at your dealership while suggesting you a list of what make, model, and year you should be purchasing from the auction down to the color of the vehicle.


Inventory management
We create a central inventory database for your dealership and reconcile sold inventory data with accounts while also managing all inventory shipments from the auction to the lot. We can build custom CRMs for different inventory management work on Google sheets to alleviate the work at the dealership.

Integrating chatbot
We develop a customer-friendly chatbot with the help of Manychat/Google Dialogflow AI to take your customer experience to a whole new level, making sure every lead is contacted even when the dealership is closed.


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